Scholarship Information

The Foundation can help you to create a new scholarship for the students of the Central Valley Central School District. Just follow the steps below:

1. Determine what type of scholarship you want to set up

  • A One-Time Scholarship – a one-time donation which is exhausted when awarded.
  • An Annual Scholarship – funded annually, periodically or by a one-time donation to be distributed over a period of years until exhausted.
  • An Endowed Scholarship – a self-sustaining fund with the interest earned on the account funding the scholarship for the future. An Endowed Scholarship can be set up with the Foundation for as little as $2500.

2. Decide how much the scholarship will award annually and how you will fund it.

  • How much and how often will you contribute to the fund?
  • Can you get others to contribute on a one-time or periodic basis?

3. Establish the criteria for the award.

4. Please fill out this Scholarship Request Form and mail it to
Central Valley CSD c/o CVCSD Foundation, 111 Frederick Street, Ilion, NY. 13557

5. If you have questions please use our contact form or email