Central Valley Bracelets and Keychains

The Central Valley CSD Foundation is selling bracelets and keychains as a Spring fundraiser. These bracelets and keychains were specifically designed for our Central Valley Thunder. The bracelets and keychains display the Thunder logo and the bracelet also has a light blue crystal.

The Foundation supports the staff and students above what the school budget provides. They also provide two scholarships for one male and one female graduating senior.

Purchase a Central Valley Thunder bracelet and keychain and proudly support your school.

These will make great graduation presents!

Central Valley Thunder Bracelets and Keychains

Bracelets: $18.00
Keychains: $8.00

They will be available for purchase at the school stores at Jarvis Middle School and Central Valley Academy. Items can also be purchased by contacting the people below and they will make arrangements to get the bracelets and keychains to you.

Contact the Foundation at fundraisers@centralvalleycsdfoundation.org for purchase information.


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