Current Projects

Current and ongoing projects supported by the Central Valley CSD Foundation:

  • Game night
    • The foundation is planning a Game night in the spring!
      • More details to follow
  • Thunder bracelets and keychains
    • The Foundation is selling bracelets and keychains.  These bracelets and keychains were specifically designed for our Thunder. – Ongoing
  • Engraved Brick Project – CVA High School – Ongoing
    • With an engraved brick you can pay tribute to a family member, leave a message to future generations, or simply include your name among those who have supported our school district.
    • Cost is $35.00 for two lines or $39.00 for three lines. To purchase a brick, contact any Foundation member or email for an order form or more information. All money raised is used to benefit the students of Central Valley CSD.

Last Updated: 1/9/2017

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